Whenever you update your profile (be it your photos, links, description or any other part of profile page), it should be reviewed by our system and dedicated FanCentro approval team before the changes go live.
If your profile doesn't meet the requirements - the system automatically notifies you via e-mail, the message also contains notes and general recommendations you can follow if you want to be featured in Directory.

It should be noted that being approved for Directory is not compulsory. In any case, your FanCentro profile will be active and will accept new subscribers no matter what (given the account itself is verified and ready to go). However, if you would like your profile to be available in the FanCentro directory, please comply with the requirements listed below.

First of all, we want to stress the fact that Directory is one of the promotional tools we want to offer, it helps you with attracting new fans. In view of this, we strongly advise to use photos of the best and most professional quality as your profile (like any other in the Directory) is meant to be the face of the platform - and it is in our best interest to have a pretty face :)
 To ensure your photos fit the bill, consider the following points when submitting your profile for a review: 

  • High resolution (optional but professionally shot photographs drastically increase your profile's quality)
  • Fill the Frame and use the right rotation (images with black/white borders, landscape photos for profile pictures etc.)
  • Clean up the background or use the appropriate one
  • Do not overuse Snapchat effects and filters (while a bit of filter fun won't hurt anyone, overdoing it is a definite no-go, especially for your main profile picture)

Along with being presentable, your profile pictures shouldn't contain any sexually explicit content as well.

Since FanCentro Directory is publicly accessible platform, we are obliged to follow certain regulations to avoid causing both you and us any problems going forward.

FanCentro team reviews all profiles on a daily basis and shares individual recommendations (via email or live chat) if needed.
The following content is deemed as sexually explicit on FanCentro:

  • Full nudity, that is genitalia, visible anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks, uncovered female nipples 
  • Display of sexual act
  • Sex toys in the photo
  • Simulation of sexual act
  • Pubic area even if above or under clothing


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