Feed is the feature that allows to sell exclusive subscription to your very own FanCentro profile. Awesome pictures, engaging videos, simple messages and replies - your personal feed has it all! Just follow the simple steps provided in this article to begin posting!

Feed offers aren't any different from premium snapchat and instagram subscriptions, except there is no Lifetime offer available for the Feed. All of the Feed offers are recurring.

Start Posting

Now that feed is activated, go to Feed page (here) and click the "New post" button (note that "Add new post" is also available right from your dashboard). Let's take a look at what options we have when adding a post to the Feed:

(1) Post title and text block. Here you need to come up with the post's title (duh!), text is optional but still comes in handy as it is basically your blog area. All the formatting options available if you select the text itself.

(2) Access toggle. You can decide if the post is available for everyone (public) or Feed subscribers only. (3) Insert media.  Here you can upload a video and pictures (up to 12). All the supported formats are listed below.
(4) Attach files. You can also attach files for direct download, some of the Influencers might find this option useful when 1 video is not enough!
(5) Action block. This is where you can publish the post for it to instantly appear in your Feed, save it as draft for future use or cancel the post altogether (in case something goes terribly wrong). Cancelling the post will permanently remove it.

You can always return to an already published post and edit it to your liking.

Engage with your Fans

We are all familiar with likes and comments, the simplest yet best form of communication and interaction you can have with your fans. Each post has a like count and comment section, feel free to chat with your subscribers all day long, we don't mind! :)

We are very excited about this feature and countless possibilities it opens up for every Influencer on FanCentro! 

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