Applying Discounts

Discount is a powerful tool that allows you to attract more paid members to your FanCentro profile. Here’s how it works:

  • Limited time discounts can create a sense of urgency and make users anxious about missing out or having to pay more later.
  • A permanent discount allows users to feel that they are getting a bonus or special treatment by paying a lesser amount.
  • Event discounts (holiday, seasonal, etc.) also create a sense of urgency, because users may have to wait another year for this discount to be offered again. 

In order to set a discount for any of your existing or new subscription options, you need to go to Model Admin -> Profile  -> Subscription offers, choose the subscription you wish to apply a discount to, and then click the ‘Discount’ checkbox. Once done, the Discount details will be revealed.

1. The discount applied can either be Temporary or Permanent. Temporary discounts allow you to specify the dates your discount will be active, whereas permanent discounts have no date restrictions. The discount will take effect immediately once you have applied it.

2. Temporary discounts allow you to schedule your discount for the future so you don’t have to worry about enabling it in time for the holidays or other time-sensitive events like conventions and shows.

Please note: start and end times for discounts are in UTC +2 time zone.

3. The discount amount allows you to specify the percentage that will be deducted from your subscription options initial price. The discount percentage will be displayed in your profile’s subscription option. 

4. You can choose whether you want your discount to also apply to rebills. This means your subscriber’s first purchase will come with a discount and all rebills will also be at the discount you have set. Please keep in mind that if you don’t apply your discount to rebills at first, and then decide to do that at a later date, users who have subscribed BEFORE you have checked the ‘Also apply to rebills’ checkbox, will continue to be rebilled with the original price you have set.

5. The final price simply shows how the discount percentage will affect your  existing subscription offer’s price, as this is the price that will be shown to your customers. 

Keep in mind that the final subscription price cannot be less than $5 due to the bank’s minimal transaction restriction.

6. The discount description is an easily noticeable piece of text on your subscription offer’s label. You can specify the discount theme or occasion (for example: Black Friday Special! Buy Now & Save.).

Once everything is set, you simply need to apply your discount. You will be able to disable it at any time with a single click.

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