What is FanCentro? 

FanCentro is an online platform that allows you to monetize your social media and the content you produce by creating a subscription of your own. Your fans can subscribe on a recurring basis (e.g., 1 month membership), or on a lifetime basis (by paying just once and getting access forever). 

I created an Influencer’s account, now what? 

Once you create your account and complete the Age verification process, it’s time to customize your profile! First and foremost - profile pics. 

Your profile is your face on FanCentro and that’s where your future subscribers will see when they find you and your content. Make sure you use the best quality photos in order to show your fans what you have in store for them. 

If you want to be featured in our Directory so fans can find you in the list of FanCentro Influencers, your profile must comply with our Directory Approval guidelines. In a nutshell – no nudity or sexually suggestive photos.

The next step is setting up your Profile description. The description should clearly convey, what will be on your Premium Profile and what fans should expect from their subscription. Make sure to describe all of your activities and add as much information as possible in your bio and stats. This will help subscribers find you in the FanCentro Directory by using keywords and filters.

Additionally, filling in all possible Social Media links will help you to gain more followers and achieve better visibility from each platform that you list. That will help you build a trusted relationship with your fans when you promote your FanCentro profile.

Subscription offers

When you are done setting up your FanCentro profile, it is time to set the subscription offers. You can set up the subscription offers from your Admin: Profile -> Subscription offers.

You can set up options for the following Social Media accounts:

  • Private Instagram Account – This is a subscription for your private Instagram account, where only premium members can have a peek at what’s inside of it.
  • Premium Snapchat Account – A premium Snapchat account is a great way to share exclusive content with your fans and get social with them. 
  • Feed – The Feed is a feature that allows you to sell exclusive subscriptions to your FanCentro profile with comments and content that is easy to manage! 

When setting the offer, you can add the price and the duration of the subscription for that price. For example, let’s say you want to set a 1 month subscription offer for your Premium Snapchat for $30. You go to Profile -> Subscription offers, then, in the offer menu, press “Add recurring offer” or “One-time offer”.

Then you can set the price for that offer as well as the duration of the subscription (1, 3 or 12 months for recurring offers).

Our platform allows you to employ different retention and sales boost techniques, like discounts and cancelation offers. The discounts can be permanent or offered for a limited time. The discount amount, as well as the duration of the offer, can be changed by marking the checkbox in the offer menu.

The retention offer is applied when one of your subscribers decides to end their subscription. They will be offered the option to re-subscribe with an additional discount.

Additionally, you can enable the tip option for your fans. This is another way to earn revenue as well as a great way to interact with your fans and grant them extra content for extra cash!

Managing your subscribers

Once you have enabled the offers, you will start to see subscribers buying your premium. How do you manage all of those subscribers? The answer is – on the Dashboard! 

The Dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all of your subscribers as well as monitor the essential information on your profile activity and see your next payout dates. Let’s look closely at your Dashboard and get to know the basics.

On the Dashboard you can see the activity of your subscribers. The green subscribers are the ones who just bought your subscription and are now waiting to be added to your premium account. You have 48 hours to add the subscribers to your premium account, otherwise they will be refunded to avoid chargebacks.

You can see what platform the user subscribed to by the icon next to their username – Snapchat, Instagram or Feed. You need to manually add the subscribers to your Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

When you have added the subscriber to your Premium account, you need to mark them as added by clicking the check icon next to their username on the Dashboard. The subscriber will disappear from you dashboard and will be moved to the Active section in your Subscribers list.

The subscribers whose subscription have expired will appear on your Dashboard in red. You need to manually remove them from your Premium account. Once you do that, mark them on the Dashboard and they will be moved to the expired section.

If your new Snapchat subscriber cannot be found by the username on the Dashboard, you can ask them to correct their username by clicking (swiping left on the phone) the “Wrong username” icon. An automatic email will be sent to them and after they correct their username, they will be shown on your Dashboard again.

It is very important to visit your Dashboard regularly, as it is the primary way to manage your subscribers and keep your finger on the pulse of your premium accounts.

In order to keep you notified about the activity on your dashboard, you can enable notifications in the notification center (Me -> Notifications). You can choose whether the notifications come to you via email or telegram. You can also customize the frequency of the notifications and which events to notify you about.
What is telegram? It is a messenger app that allows you to bring the promotion and social game of FanCentro to a new level. You can communicate with other Influencers, receive notifications and communicate with us directly! 

The app is available on AppStore and Google Play!

If you regularly add subscribers within 48 hours and provide them with great content, your popularity will grow as well as your next payout.

Awesome! How do I get paid? 

In order to receive your payment, you will need to set up the most convenient way of receiving the payout in Me -> Payments details section.

You can choose between 5 payment methods available on FanCentro. The selection include: Paxum, Wire, Check, ACH (direct deposits) and SEPA. You will receive your payment as you reach the minimum amount for each payment method.

You can set the amount of the payout yourself, however, we will be able to release the payment as soon as you accumulate the minimum amount for the payout. Each payment method has different payout minimums:

  • Wire - $1250 
  • Check - $100 
  • Paxum - $50 
  • ACH - $100 
  • SEPA – $290 (250€)

After you fill in the payment info, please, confirm your payment details, so we are able to release your payout to the details listed in your profile. 

We release the payments weekly, on Tuesday (on major holidays, the payout is made on the next working day after Tuesday). As soon as your transactions move past the 2 week hold they will be put on payout schedule.

What is the 2 week hold?

Each transaction on your account goes through a 2 week hold, meaning that we dock the money to your account for two weeks. This ensures that your account has enough funds to cover possible refunds and chargebacks. 

To view the status of your transactions, just go to your Transaction list. There, under the NET amount will be an indicator, which shows if the transaction is on hold or if it was cleared off hold.

In the payout, we include all the transactions that were made 2 weeks prior the payout day. For example, the payout of July 30th includes all the transactions made before July 15th inclusive.

Refund – is a procedure of returning money to subscriber initiated either by you or by our billing partner to prevent a chargeback.

Chargeback -  procedure, INITIATED BY THE SUBSCRIBER, where their bank forcefully withdraws funds from your account. Chargebacks can not be reversed or stopped, once initiated, along with additional chargeback fees. FanCentro has your back here – we cover all the chargeback fees that levy on you. 

To secure yourself from possible financial losses it is essential to provide the service described in your bio and add subscribers to your premiums within 48 hours.

Great! How do I promote my account?

There are several ways to promote your account and at the top of the list is the Fancentro Directory. The Directory is a list of our best Influencers, where Fans can find Influencers using different filters and tags. 

In order to be featured in our Directory, your profile should be aligned with our Directory Approval guidelines. When your profile is approved, it can be found through the direct search as well as being featured in the top list.

If you want traffic on your account to skyrocket, you can enable the Centro Profits program through the Promotion tab on your profile. CentroProfits is a traffic generation platform, which allows you and your profile to be promoted by top industry affiliates. Just press the “Activate promotion” button and get essential promotion for your account.

Don’t forget the power of social media! Unleash yourself and your beauty on social media by linking your FanCentro profile on your accounts! You can make custom banners, generated on your Fancentro profile to help you with these promos.

Just go to the Promotion -> Banners and choose from multiple banner designs to fit your needs!

We recommend enabling Twitter notifications for your FC account, so your Twitter follower will know about your hot FanCentro activity and want to join. Go to Promotion -> Twitter notifications and let us take care of your regular Twitter updates!

Schedule a takeover. A Snapchat Takeover is when a brand allows a social media Influencer to "take over" the brand's Snapchat account. This is one of the best ways to quickly grow your audience on Snapchat and, as a result, increase your sales.

You can schedule a takeover by following one of these links: 

How to promote your FanCentro profile in Snapchat?

Public Snapchat is a great promotional tool for your FanCentro profile too!

Be sure to use Swipe Up links so your fans and followers are able to simply “swipe up” on your snaps and stories to be taken directly to your FanCentro profile page.  

Want to get tips and tricks from experienced FanCentro Influencers? Apply for the Telegram group chat. There you can get involved in the community and be able to socialize with other Influencers! Just write to our support team in the Live chat and we will get it done for you 😉

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