You might have noticed some awesome changes on your website’s dashboard. Yes, the long-awaited store feature is finally live! To activate your store, first you will need to activate Free Registration to your website (otherwise the store will only be available to your website's paying members).
A few words about the "Free Registration" feature. Enabling this feature does not give free visitors any additional access to content, messaging, etc. Basically, they only see what a free visitor who hasn't logged in would see, but they get access to the store (and if they're not logged in they will see the store and have the option of creating a free account along with making a purchase).
To enable it, choose "My Site" in top menu and then "Settings" in the left submenu. That page will have "Free Registration" Enable/Disable options.
The popup upon activation will give you more detailed information about this feature and what activating it means for your website.

When Free Registration has been turned on, go back to your "Home" screen. You have the option of enabling the store right away or first creating store items and then turning it on on your website. Note the new switcher on your dashboard's profits tracker and the new section on the left side of your screen - these are your controls and monitoring.

Now, go back to your dashboard and open “Store Items” on the left side menu. Click to add your first product. At this time, you can sell videos or photos. In the future, goods and other options will be available.
Note that the dropdown will let you create store items from already live content that was previously available to only your website's members. The creation of store items from the Upload page is not available at the moment, but we are planning on adding it soon.

First, let’s add a video to our store. For this guide, we'll add a new video. Click on the big blue button and choose a video from your computer. If you choose to create a store item from your existing content, you won't need to go through the upload process again, only set the price and it will be ready to publish.

The next screen you’re probably familiar with. The video is uploading and you’re asked to fill in the meta data.

There are, however, some unique new settings here. For one thing, store items can be grouped in collections. These are categories that will determine how the content is grouped on the store page. You can create these yourself, but keep their number to a logical limit so that the store page isn’t overcrowded with options. You can make as many as you wish and name them as you see fit.

You can also, naturally, set the price of this product on this page and choose whether to let the user stream the content or download it.

Once all the items in the checklist on the right are checked, you can publish the content to your store!

Adding a photoset to your products is also very similar to how you add photosets to your website. Choose files from your computer or existing photosets on your website and select a cover image. Then, fill in the meta and publish it to your store!

To add photos or videos from your existing content, you will need to go into the photoset or video edit page and hit "Create Store Item".

And here are examples of photo and video products available in the store:

Enjoy the new feature and may you have a ton of sales! As always, let us know via live chat if you have any questions or need help with anything!

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