How do I pass ID verification?

In order for your account to be verified, please complete the verification form and submit it to our staff for review.
To pass the ID verification, you need to have electronic copies of your ID card and web camera connected to your computer.

Pass ID verification

  1. Sign in to the ModelCentro website ("Login" button).
  2. Click on 'Me' at the top of any page.
  3. Click on 'Account Holder Details'.
  4. Fill in all of the form fields.
  5. Click on 'Upload file' in Government issued ID section to upload photos of your ID

6. Click on 'Take a snapshot' to take a Face photo and Face and ID photo:

 7. Click on camera icon to take a snapshot:

8. Click on 'Done' if you like the result or click on 'Try again' to make one more try:

9. Click 'Submit' when finish to submit the profile for verification

 As soon as these steps are completed the status of the form will be updated to "Account pending verification" and the date of the form submission will be indicated.

Once the form is reviewed and verified by our staff, the status of the form will be updated to "Account was verified" and all that information will be hidden for security purpose. 

If the information provided on the form is suspicious in any way, or photos are unclear, the form may be rejected by our staff. The form status will be updated to "Account verification failed. Please review form errors." Fields with errors will be highlighted in red. Please follow the instructions and complete the form as thoroughly as possible, and then click on "Re-Submit". 

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