To help us verify your identity, we send a text message (SMS) to your phone. This helps us make sure that you're you and helps keep your account safe at all times.

Different phone operators and countries may have trouble receiving this code however. That is why we recommend following these steps in case you are not receiving it to your phone.

If you haven’t received your verification code:

  • Wait a couple minutes and choose the "resend new code" option to receive a new code.
  • Check if your SIM card is working and your phone signal reception (signal) is stable.
  • Be aware that roaming internationally can impact your ability to receive our text messages. You may need to wait until you are no longer roaming to successfully receive our text message.
  • Make sure your phone can receive text messages currently. If you can receive text messages from other sources, try resending the code by tapping on "Resend new code" option. 
  • Check if the phone number entered is correct, then try resending the code again.

You also can always contact our Account Management Department via email or live chat which is available right from this page.

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