Every Tuesday, the ModelCentro Accounting Department processes and sends payouts to models. In the payout, we include all the transactions that were made 2 weeks prior to the payout date. For example, the payout of March 31st includes all transactions made for the billing period March 10th - March 16th. The billing period is the length of time during which your revenue is accumulated - it starts on Tuesday and normally covers 1 calendar week.

However, there are several requirements to fulfill in order to receive your payout. There are 3 sections on your Dashboard: All-time Revenue, Amount on Hold, and Next Payout. What is the difference?

All-time Revenue displays the total sum of all sales made on your account since the very beginning. Every sale you make is held for 2 weeks before it can be paid out, meaning that we hold each transaction on your account for two weeks to ensure your account's safety. This is a general bank requirement intended to reserve some time for potential refunds and chargebacks (when unsatisfied fans or victims of fraudulent activity may request their money back). But no worries, this hold is noticeable only when you're just starting out, not once you begin to receive payouts more frequently. So, the amount of money currently on hold can be seen on your Dashboard in the section Amount on Hold.

To view the status of each transaction, just go to your Transaction list. There, under the NET amount, is an indicator which shows if the transaction is on hold or if it is cleared. Once 2 weeks pass, the sale is considered "cleared" and displays in the Next Payout section on your Dashboard.

This amount of "cleared" transactions has to reach the minimum payout sum specified in your payment info. The payout minimum depends on the payout method you choose. For example, if you choose ACH, the "cleared" from the hold amount specified in the Next payout section on the Dashboard should be at least $100. Once the minimum is reached, the payout is generated and scheduled for the following Tuesday - you will see a sum and date in the Next Payout section on the Dashboard. This section also informs you about your previous payout date and sum. In the event that the minimum is not reached, the funds are then combined with the next payout. 

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