On occasion, a member of your fanbase may want or need to cancel their subscription at some point. We’ve been thinking about ways to keep you and your fans happy should this occur and would like to introduce you to a Cancellation offer that would serve as an alternative to canceling a user’s account. That means you would keep your revenue and allow your fans to continue enjoying your content.

How does it work? 

When a fan clicks on Cancel Membership, instead of a regular confirmation of subscription cancellation, a popup with the Cancellation offer will appear. This popup will inform the user that it’s possible to stay on your website at a lower price rather than cancelling.

This does mean that the user will be able to access your website, see your posts, and message you at a lower price, but it’s still better than losing them for good, right?

If the fan would still like to cancel their subscription it would be processed as usual. Based on what the user has decided, he will either see a popup alerting him of successful cancellation, or a successfully processed membership with the set discount.

How it can be enabled? 

A cancellation offer can be enabled in the section My Site – Prices & Discounts (https://modelcentro.com/site-financials)

You can enable the discount by clicking one of the Join Option’s discount checkboxes:

Once enabled, you will be able to see and adjust the Cancellation offer details:

Your suggested discount will be valid for as long as the member's current subscription is active.Attention!

If a fan subscribes with a discounted subscription offer, a retention offer price will be calculated after the discount is applied.

For example, if you offer a join option of $100/year and enable a 25% discount to it (making the discounted price $75/year) and activate a cancellation offer of 50%, the following rates would apply.

The member would join your site for $75/year. When/if the member wants to cancel their membership, it will be suggested that he/she can keep the subscription for the 50% off retention price, in this case $37.50/year (the 50% discount would be applied to the discounted price $75)

Also, those members who purchased the Trial membership plan, won’t be suggested to stay on your website with the discounted price during the trial period.

*Please note! Once saved, the Join Option cannot be edited. You can only keep or delete it. However, Discounts and Retention offers can be enabled, disabled or edited at any time.

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