A domain name is the address or URL that people will use to visit your website on the Internet. When you create your ModelCentro website, we create a free site address for you, using the name you provided during registration:

A domain is not a website. You can add your own domain , such as yourname.com, yournamefansite.com, yournameportfoli.com or whatever you desire .Then, when visitors arrive, they’ll see your custom domain in their browser’s address bar instead of the original yourname.modelcentro.com site address:

Note that yourname.modelcentro.com will still work, you don't need to delete it.

We generally recommend adding a custom domain because it will give your site a professional look, and your visitors will find and remember it more easily.

When choosing a personal domain, try to make it short, easy to spell, easy to type, and containing key words that are relevant to your site. Most likely it will simply be your name. The ending of the domain (.com,.net,.org, etc.) can be generic (such as ".com" standing for "commercial" or ".net" standing for "network"), region-specific (such as .us for USA or .de for Germany) or just fun (.me stands for Montenegro or .tv - for Tuvalu but both are widely used on mainstream websites). You can find the full list of these endings here

ModelCentro allows you to easily purchase a custom domain. When you purchase a domain with ModelCento, we configure all the settings and options so your website can be up and running in a few hours. Moreover, ModelCentro will keep your domain from expiring by making monthly payments to registrar company directly from your ModelCentro account. 

If you already own a domain using another registrar, we also provide instructions on how to set it up. (Connecting a domain I already own

Proceeding to Site Settings - Settings - Domains you can:

1. Buy your own custom domain with ModelCentro

2. Add a domain that you already own (Connecting a domain I already own) to your Modelcentro website using CNAME (Changing domain's CNAME record) or Name Servers (Changing domain's name servers) set up3. Check your domain status4. Remove a domain by clicking the garbage bin icon

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