If you own a domain (General information on domains) that is registered with another registrar and don't want to purchase it at ModelCentro, you can still connect it to your ModelCentro site.

To connect your domain with ModelCentro, you'll first need to associate the domain with your ModelCentro site. 

1. Go to "My Site" in the upper menu of your control panel2. Click the "Settings" in the left3. Click on "Connect an existing domain"4. Enter your domain name and click "Add"5. Your domain will appear in the domain list with a "Pending" status

In order to finish connecting your domain, you will need to change the A-record (How to change domain's A-record?), change the Name Servers (Changing domain's name servers) or CNAME record (Changing domain's CNAME record) of your domain through your registrar. 

Much of the work involved in setting up your domain with an outside registrar will have to be done through the registrar itself. The process will be different based on which provider you have chosen – so the best way to get help with setting up your new domain is to contact your domain provider's support team. 

However, first, you need to decide which type of setup to choose.

You can connect your domain to ModelCentro in one of these ways: by changing the A-record (How to change domain's A-record), by changing your domain's CNAME (Changing domain's CNAME record) or by connecting to ModelCentro's Name Servers (Changing domain's name servers).

When using CNAME, the domain name stays at your registrar and points to the ModelCentro servers. Your domain registrar remains in control of your domain records. 

When connecting your domain to your ModelCentro site using Name Servers, the domain name stays at your registrar company but control of your domain records is transferred to ModelCentro. 

We recommend using the Name Servers set up - in this case a more stable connection will be created and new features and services connected to the domain will be activated automatically. 

However, there is one other thing to consider at this part of the process: do you have email on your domain – for example, "mail@myname.com?" If so, when you change the name servers, that email will stop working. To continue using your email you should choose the CNAME option for your domain set up or change the A-record. 

Now you can proceed to the detailed instructions on: 

  1. Change domain's A-record (How to change domain's A-record?)
  2. CNAME (Changing domain's CNAME record)
  3. Name Servers (Changing domain's name servers)
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