If you have an email account, subdomain or other services for use with your domain, you may choose to point your domain to ModelCentro through an A-record. This will not affect the use of those services.
In case you haven't done it already, add a domain you already own to ModelCentro's domains section.

(Link - Connecting a domain I already own)


Then, edit your DNS settings yourself or contact your registrar's support team to add the following A-record:

In case you need help with these steps, you may contact support at your registrar. Here is a sample email you may send:

I would like to use my domain with a ModelCentro.com site. In order to do this, I need to change my domain’s A-record to the following:

I do not want to transfer my domain, but instead, want to leave it registered with you.

Note: Usually, it takes 3-7 hours for the changes to be applied (up to 72 hours).

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