If you have email accounts, subdomains, or other services in use with your domain (General information on domains), you may choose to point your domain to ModelCentro through a CNAME. This will not affect the use of those services. 

In case you haven't done it already, add a domain you already own to ModelCentro's domains section. (Connecting a domain I already own

Edit your DNS settings or contact your registrar's support team to add the following CNAME entry: 


Make sure to remove any A records in your DNS that are associated with the root domain, as you will not be able to add the CNAME entry until the root domain A records are removed. You can retain any A records not set for the root domain. 

If you cannot figure this out and you need to contact support at your registrar, here is a sample email you can send:

I would like to use my domain with a ModelCentro.com site. In order to do this, I need to change my domain’s CNAME to the following:


I do not want to transfer my domain, but want to leave it registered with you.


After changing your domain's CNAME entry, anyone visiting www.yourdomain.com will see whatever you've created on your ModelCentro site. If visitors entering yourdomain.com (without the www) are not being directed to your site, please contact your domain registrar and ask that they redirect the root of your domain to point to the www version of your domain. 

Once you’ve updated your cname records, it can take some time for the change to take full effect (up to 72 hours, but normally much less). ModelCentro will send you an e-mail notice once your domain is set up. If you notice that you still see your old page or an error message when you load your domain, don’t panic. Give it a few hours, and then try clearing your browser cache.

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