We are proud to present Liberty - the first store-based website layout for ModelCentro. Unlike other layouts, Liberty works best for selling each media item separately. You may have gotten familiar with this system if your site has the Store feature already enabled. Although similar at its core, Liberty changes the way your site works and looks, while also adjusting your admin panel to fit the clip store narrative. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

How is it different?

Fan Interaction

Liberty is subscription-free layout, meaning fans cannot purchase a membership on the site. Free account registration is enabled by default. Once signed up, a user is able to buy and then access various clips and photosets on your website.
The Tip Me feature is still available with Liberty and can be disabled from your admin panel.

Trim the Fat

Since Liberty’s main focus is selling clips and photosets, some of the common ModelCentro features are not present on the new layout. Live Shows, Blog, Calendar, Messages and Comments are not available in the admin panel or on the site itself.

As you can see, there are no Videos and Photosets categories either. But in order for users navigate through the store more easily, these pages are still in the navigation bar, filtering your products by videos and photosets respectively.

I want to switch to Liberty! How do I do that?

If you already have a ModelCentro website and wish to change your site's layout, simply open our Editor tool (My Site -> Design) and find the "Clip Store" tab available in Layout category.

Important! You won't be able to switch site's layout to Liberty if there is at least one active member on your website.

Reach new heights and multiply your profits with ModelCentro's brand new Clip Store layout! As always, feel free to contact our Account Management team if you need help setting up your personal Fan Club!

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