1. Sign in to the ModelCentro website.

2. Click Live Shows in the main menu.

3. Click Start a Live Show Now

4. Choose the preferred live show type: 

• Free show is a free multi-user show
Private show is a one-on-one pay-per-minute show for a selected fan. You may read more about private shows here.
5. Let's say, the Free show was selected. The following screen will appear:

  1. Upload an attractive cover for your liveshow. You may either select a file from your computer, or take a snapshot using your webcam.
  2. Write a live show goal in that field to encourage your fans. This field will also be available when you start the liveshow. 
  3. You may enter a custom message about your liveshow and tweet it to your Twitter page, both before and during liveshow. Please note, that Twitter should be connected to your ModelCentro site first, which can be done here.
  4. You may choose which user group may be able to watch your liveshow:  • Guests - any site visitor.• Free - free users who don't have a subscription to your site, but may have tipped you, been a user in the past or joined via free registration, in case it was enabled on your site.• Premium - paid fans only. 
  5. You may copy a link to your liveshow, so you can easily share it wherever you want.
  6. Tweak the technical settings in this window: the application you will run your liveshow from, camera and microphone settings, chat window properties and the possibility of sending private show requests

Once you are ready, click the Start My Show button

6. Once the live show is started the settings will be replaced by a chat window: 

  1. You may tweak the user groups, who have access to the liveshow on the fly. Corresponding people will be able to join or get kicked depending on the active settings.
  2. This tab shows current chat history
  3. Here you may check the list of fans, who are currently watching your live show
  4. This button stops liveshow
  5. This button mutes all sound from your microphone, so users won't hear anything
  6. This button enlarges or minimizes the live show screen for you
  7. Here you may type messages to your fans in chat

Now let's take a look at Fans tab

Here you have additional user interaction options:

  1. Clicking on the eye icon, you may block a person from seeing your broadcast. He will still be able to communicate in the chat, though.
  2. This allows you to "mute" a desired person, so he won't be able to write anything in the chat. However, the broadcast will still be shown.
  3. Using this @ icon you may mention specified user in livechat, in order to address him directly. 
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