Private Fan Show - is a pay-per-minute live show in which only 1 fan can participate. Private fan shows are available for all your registered fans and provide an ability to earn extra money on top of a fan's subscription cost by providing an exclusive VIP service. 

The date and time of a private fan show can be negotiated in advance between you and a fan through private messaging (in this case you can start a paid show session, which only a selected fan can enter) OR a fan can send a private show request when you run a Member show - which you can accept or decline. Both cases are described below in more detail.


Private fan shows are billed on a per-minute basis. The counter starts when both you and a fan have entered the private show and ends whenever either you or the fan leave the private session. If a fan has spent 3 minutes 10 seconds in a private session - he/she will be billed for 4 minutes total.

Before a fan can enter the private show session, we verify that billing has payment information for this fan. This means that manually created fans will need to enter their credit card details on a payment page. Fans with payment details in place won't need to add any additional details and the functionality will work for them with 1 click, except cases where the system detects some unusual behavior -  such fans will be asked to enter a CVV2 code before proceeding.

When the billing information is verified and a fan has enough money on his card for the first 5 minutes of the show, billing does a temporary authorization on the fan's card before letting him in. The temporary authorization sum is calculated based on your Private show fee and multiplied by 5. This sum, however, is not deducted until the show has ended. In case a fan wants to spend more than 5 minutes in a private show with you - billing authorizes the price of the next 5 minutes and so on.

If during the show billing won't be able to pre-authorize the cost of the next 5 minutes, the user will be disconnected from the private session.

When a session ends, the total amount of minutes spent is calculated and the appropriate withdrawals are made.


You may set up the cost of a minute for your Private Fan Show on a per-show basis. Generally, private show pricing can be found here on the Live Show Rate tab:

and you can adjust it before each show as you like. The minimum per minute rate is $2 and the maximum rate is $100.


Starting a Private Fan Show

1. When you click the Start Live Show button in Live Shows menu, you will see a Start private show option in the pop-up:

You can see the current per-minute rate right away (and click on it in order to adjust, if you need to)

2. Next you will see the fan selection pop-up:

where you can select the fan who will be invited to enter the private session.

3. Then you start the show as usual, except it will have different color indicators and the Tips & Gifts counter at the bottom will change to Total Sales:

Meanwhile, on Live show tab of your site a specific banner will be displayed, stating, that you have started a private show. The selected fan on the other hand will see a nice entry banner with the private show rate:

Receiving Private Show requests during a Member Show

So, you want to run a Member Show for all your fans as usual but may want to receive privates requests. In this case, you will need to:

1. In the Start Live Show pop-up choose Member Show as usual (or limit this free show to certain fans) and click the Start a free show green button.

2. On the setup page you will see a setting, which allows you to indicate whether you want to receive Private show requests during the Member show or not:

This setting will be saved for all future live shows unless you change it.

3. Start your Member Show as usual by clicking on the Start my show green button. If you enabled the Private Show request, this is what your fans will see:

The big Go Private button will display the current show rate when clicked and fan will be prompted to confirm his request.

4. When a fan confirms that he wants to go into a private show with you, you will receive a prompt notification(s) in your Member Show chat:

You will see the fan name, current rate and will be able to accept the request (in this case the Private show will start immediately).

If you want to decline, it is possible by clicking on the Decline button or just ignoring the notice if you are busy. The request will be auto-declined in 150 seconds. If you decline, the fan will see an automated message from your name in the chat, but will be able to make a request again:


Inside the Private Fan Show

Now, your Private session has started. There are 2 prompt notifications for you here:

  • Fan entered the show - this means that the user is inside a private session and you've started earning.
  • Fan left the show - he might have switched the show off or he does not have enough money. Therefore, you will be notified when he is not with you anymore. You will also see how much money in total you have earned from this show!

You may finish the show anytime by yourself, there are no obligations here.

On the fan side a Private session will look like this:

A fan will have a clear indication that he is in a private session with you and will have an Off button to end the session at any time.



All your earnings from Private Fan Shows will be displayed in your Transactions List once the show has ended. Your net revenue from Private Fan Shows is calculated and paid out just like any other revenue from your site and by the same fee schedule:


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