Streaming with high-quality video is a great way to retain your fans. Read our suggestions below to achieve your best possible video quality! 

ModelCentro currently provides you with 2 options for streaming quality live shows from your computer. You can use either browser or desktop apps that takes video from your camera, prepares it for streaming, and then sends it to your ModelCentro website so your fans can view it live! The app you use can make a big difference in your video quality. Our two app options are: 

MC Browser App

This is the default way to stream when you click the “Start Live Show” button in ModelCentro admin panel using your browser. This app is automatic and can achieve up to 540p video quality, but won’t deliver the detailed video that the other app can. On a bright side, it doesn't require any additional setup and works on almost any computers and operating systems.

External App

There are a few desktop apps on the web that allow you to connect directly to the streaming server. One of them is Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™, that offers more customization and control over your stream quality and will run on most newer computers.
The main advantage of using the desktop app is that your stream doesn't need to go through the browser and Flash thus it allows you to stream a higher resolution without quality loss. To put it short, you can stream up to HD720 meaning your resolution will be 1280×720 (at least 720 pixels tall). 

While using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™ desktop app for streaming, you will still need to keep your ModelCentro admin panel live show page open in order to receive and reply to messages in chat.

External App: Download Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™ 

If you meet the recommendations for HD or HD720 video, click below to download and install the FMLE Encoder. Then follow the instructions for downloading a settings file. If you meet the recommendations for HD720 video, make sure to try one of the HD720 settings files below for even higher video quality! 

Click the link below to download the FREE Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™:

Once the download completes, open the file. Follow the instructions to install the program onto your computer. Once installed, launch the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™ program. Follow the instructions below to set up the Encoder.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™ Setup for HD Live Show

To quickly set up the encoder, download one of the settings files below. If your stream looks choppy or uses too much processing power, try adjusting the settings.

 Setup Instructions:

1. Download file(s). We strongly recommend using 720HD settings. You may try 1080HD settings at your own risk, but only with good internet speed and a fast computer.

2. Unzip the archive. you will get a .xml file.

3. Open the “File” menu in Adobe Flash Media Encoder.

4. Select “Open Profile”.

5. Select the file you saved earlier. 

Instructions for saving your current settings for fast access in future: 

1. Open Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. You should see the settings you normally use to stream.

2. Open the “File” menu.

3. Select “Save Profile”.

4. Name the file something you’ll remember and click “Save”.

If you have any issues with the updated settings, it’s easy to reload these settings later.

If you have any trouble with automated setup, use this guide for applying manual settings.

Streaming with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™


Follow these steps to configure your chat settings.

1. Go to the "Live Shows" page and click "Start a Live Show" button. Select any desired live show mode.

2. At the Live Show settings screen go to the right menu and in "Choose your video output and quality" section choose "External app"

3. You will receive "Stream URL" and "Stream Name" keys which you would need to copy and use in order to connect your external app to ModelCentro streaming server. 

Please note! "Stream URL" is unique for each new stream. When you stop the show, you will need to get new keys for the next show. Meanwhile, "Stream name" is always mp4_pcma 

4. Open the Flash Media Encoder program. Make sure you're using the right settings profile, described in the section above.

5. Select the "Stream Name" and copy it.

6. Paste it in the "Stream" field in the encoder.

7. Next, select the "Stream URL" from your client and copy it.

8. Paste it in the "FMS URL" field in the encoder.

9. Click on the green Start button in the encoder (Not the "Connect" button, but the green button at the bottom of the encoder settings screen).

10. Click "Start my show" in the ModelCentro admin panel


You’re now streaming in HD using the encoder! This is how your show will look like in admin panel:

1. You will see "On air" counter ticking

2. You will be able to see online fans and chat with them

3. You can also check how your stream looks in your members area, but we strongly suggest to check it from another computer nearby - otherwise in may look choppy due to your computer having the double load (both streaming and receiving the stream):

a. Go to your ModelCentro website

b. Login as a fan by using your ModelCentro admin panel credentials

c. Open LiveShow page 

Important note! When connected and streaming, you won't see yourself in ModelCentro admin panel as you normally do. This is absolutely normal. You'll need to keep the flash media encoder open in order to see your video while streaming

Finishing your show

Follow these steps to stop your show:

1. In ModelCentro admin panel click the "Stop" button - this will stop the stream in your members' area and your fans will see a "Thank you" banner.

 2. In FMLE also click "Stop" at the bottom:


Re-starting your show

1. In case you want to re-start the show, in FMLE go to "Encoding Options" tab and click "Disconnect" in Panel Options:

2. In ModelCentro admin panel click "Start New Live Show" and choose any desired mode:

3. Set up your Live Show again by choosing "External app", getting your keys and copying the keys to FMLE. Then start it up again in both apps.

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