What is Streamate?

Streamate is one of the largest webcam sites in the world. All models registered through streamatemodels.com can run live shows, both public and private, at Streamate.com and Cammodels.com. The CamModels part of the service also contains an affiliate program, where a model can promote her own page at screenname.cammodels.com and get additional revenue from bringing new users to the cam site.


How is Streamate integrated with ModelCentro?

Despite having its own tool for broadcasting unlimited Live Shows, ModelCentro also enables Streamate models to run their shows on Streamate while all registered ModelCentro site fans can watch the shows right on the model's ModelCentro website!


What should I do to enable Streamate on my site?

Firstly, you'll need to have an approved account at Streamatemodels.com.

Then go to the ModelCentro control panel, open "My Site" - "Apps" page and choose Streamate. 

Enter your Streamate screen name and click "Connect". Then we will check whether you have an "External Site Show" option enabled and if you don't, we'll ask Streamate's support to enable it. This could take up to 24 hours. On the "Apps" page you will see a "Setup in Progress" status during this time. 

Once fully set up, you will be able to choose whether you want to use the Streamate app only or switch between the ModelCentro app and the Streamate app. Just open the "Settings" pop-up and tick the corresponding option.

What's next?

Once Streamate is enabled, you can go directly to Streamatemodels.com, login and start your show as usual.  

In your Live Show interface you will see a new setting, which is called "External Show" and can be set On and Off. 

If you switch the “ESS” option to on, your stream will instantly go private. This stream will be visible on your site to your members. Streamate members will only be able to see you if they join your paid show. 

You can turn ESS off at any time. If the “ESS” option is switched off, your website viewers will be able to see you when you are in free chat, but will not see paid sessions (they will see a notice that you are unavailable). 


What will my ModelCentro fans see?

All site guests (unlogged visitors) can see only banners on your LiveShow page - whether Live Show is scheduled, in progress or ended. No unlogged user can access your live stream - whether it's done in the ModelCentro app or the Streamate app. 

All your fans who purchased a subscription to your ModelCentro site will see scheduled show banners (don't forget to schedule beforehand using the ModelCentro control panel "Live Show" page) regardless of the app that will be used during the show. 

Once you're online at Streamate and it's fully set up, your subscribed fans will see the chat enter window:

A fan can enter any nickname and get access to the show right away:

Users will be able to see your stream and participate in the free chat.


Please note: Streamate disables some show controls on the user side in its external app. So features like screen size selection, tipping Gold, or Private Show requests will be available for users only on the Streamate.com or Cammodels.com websites.


How can I tell my Streamate fans that I have a site?

If you want to promote your ModelCentro site in your Streamate profile and get more fan subscriptions, you can use the promotion feature built into the ModelCentro interface.

1. Go to "My Site" - "Apps" - "Streamate"

2. Open the "Settings" pop-up

3. Find the "Promote my website on Streamate" section and carefully read the description and terms:

4. Fill out the desired monthly membership price and the discount for your future fans and click "Apply".


After a full setup on Streamate's side, which could take some time, all logged in Streamate users will see a "Join my site and get __% discount" button on your cam profile:

Please note:

Public liveshows via the ModelCentro app will not be available for those members who have subscribed through Streamate. They will instead see banners, saying that you are having a Private Liveshow. 

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