Here are the links where you may download an app for broadcasting via phones:

GoCoder Official page -

GoCoder for iPhone -

GoCoder for Android -

GoCoder Setup

After an app is downloaded, you will see this GoCoder interface:

Check Video/Audio settings:

1. Make sure that "Video+Audio" is selected, "Auto-restart" is enabled and choose a medium video quality:

2. Then, go to "Video Settings" sub-menu item and make sure "Allow rotated video" is enabled:

Connection settings

3. Choose to connect to "Wowza Streaming Engine":

4. Now, let's set up the "Host section". It only needs to be done once (On every show start, while "Application" settings will need to be changed before broadcast):

5. Server -
Port - put: 1935
Click "Done":

Live Show Start:

  1. Go to the ModelCentro admin panel (using a computer, not a phone)
  2. Enter the Live Show section and click on the "Start New Live Show" button. Now, you have 5 minutes to start a mobile show
  3. Choose the "External App" option and find the URLs:

Copy the final part in "Stream URL" - tkny7e (example from screenshot) and send it to your phone where you can copy it quickly.
Copy "Stream name" which is always mp4_pcma

4. Then, go to Connection settings - "Wowza Streaming Engine" - Application":

Paste the part of "Stream URL" to "Application" field. Then paste the "Stream name" to "Stream Name" field and click Done.

5. In the ModelCentro admin panel, click "Start my show": 

6. Rotate your phone horizontally and click the big red button. If everything is ok, you will see that your stream has started both in app and in ModelCentro interface.

*If you get a "restarting Stream" message in the app - it means that either you filled the "Application section" incorrectly or your authorization has expired. You'll need to restart the live show in the model admin panel and get the new part of the stream URL and Stream Name.

**Pause: Unlimited time until at least 1 user is connected.

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