In this thread, we want to put more focus on ‘Send Paid content via Private Message’ functionality as it is a great way to generate extra revenue for you while treating your fans to something special! 

This feature lets you sell videos and photos by piece to your members. Besides, it is more profitable to sell content via MC than another external service!

Just upload files from your computer, select the file you want to send and click on ‘Send as Private message’.  

Write a message to your member, get under his or her skin by describing the content, but leave loose ends – make them want to buy!

The other thing is - you can tell your fans that now they are able to make a request for custom photos or videos which will be made exclusively for them and sent via PM. Isn't it a great feature?

To upload files to this section, follow three essential steps: 

Click ‘Uploads’ 

Now, all you need is to select what you would like to do to these files.

Sending paid content via Private messages.

Once this button is clicked, you’ll need to:

1. Choose a user

2. Type your message

3. Set up the price (if you leave it blank, the content will be available for free)

4. Click 'Send'

If you want to send the content right from the Message section, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Choose the user, or click on a New message
  3. Then just attach the content

We hope you’ll find this functionality useful and use it to generate extra revenue. 


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