In certain situations, you'll need to send a message to several, or even all, of the members of your site. 

Sending a message to multiple users.

1. Sign in to ModelCentro website.2. Click on 'Messages' in the main menu.3. Click on 'New Message'

(or you can click on the + sign next to the menu item 'Messages' from any site page).

4. Type your message into the 'Message' field.

5. Select the first user from the list or type the first few letters of his name.

(Note: you can add more recipients by clicking 'Add Member').

(Note: you can send a message to all site members by choosing 'Message to all' from the recipient list).

(Note: you can remove a recipient by clicking the x icon near his name).

6. Click the 'Send' button when you are finished.
Once you send the message your recipient(s) will get a notification.

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