SynC is an invaluable tool for those who want to generate more traffic for their ModelCentro powered websites as well as benefit from content channels by earning ad revenue or selling content directly and allocating it through ModelCentro. Since its release, SynC has overgone major improvements: design rework, functionality improvement, new added features and more. 

    With SynC, you are able to choose the content uploaded to your ModelCentro admin panel and send it over to a channel you are interested in or already work with, allowing you to generate more site exposure (organic or direct traffic) and monetize the content (either via direct payments on paid channels or through ad revenue on some of the free channels). We would advise you to upload only short videos to Free channels. It will help you to promote your site and users will not access your full content for free. Full content should be uploaded to Paid Channels as these channels will bring you much more income. 

   To begin setting up your SynC, you should specify whether your content is “individual”, single performer, or “studio/producer”,multiple performers (This option is currently being worked on and will be released shortly). Once done, you are ready to connect your SynC partners and “sync” ModelCentro to them in a matter of minutes.

   Syndication Content Center allows you to choose from two types of channels: 

   Free Channels are so-called tube platforms; the content uploaded to these channels is free for the end user to access. Sending your content to free tubes will help you gain more traffic, increase your visibility, and promote your existing website. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get any profit apart from traffic - some of tubes offer different kinds of benefits. Currently there are only two Free Channels supported by SynC, but we are working on adding new channels.

   Paid Channels allow you to upload and sell the content directly to the user. In this case, your content has to be paid for before it can be accessed. 

  Once more channels are integrated into SynC, you will be able to send all of your synced PornHub videos to other channels without the need to repeat the sync process for each tube - brand new feature "AutoSync" will allow you to do it in a single click.

  When first sending a video to SynC, it is being displayed in Your video library so you could adjust the video to fit your needs for a specific channel before “syncing” it. Alternative titles for channels, tags, niches, grade, price for paid channel content - all can be edited from here. You also have control over what default video quality is displayed on the tube. 

  Once all the video details are chosen, you can choose to either 1) publish to free channel 2) publish to paid one (coming soon!)

   All the videos sent to your Channels are always shown in their corresponding categories (Synced Free / Synced Paid). Videos sent to Free Channels  are automatically watermarked or a banner is attached as per the tube's requirements, unlike Paid Channels videos that are not watermarked at all.  

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