Is there an easy way to upload content in bulk?

We know that many of you have a lot of content and would like to add it to your site in bulk, without having to upload each video and photoset separately. This is why we recommend a quick and easy system called Resilio Sync.

In order to use Resilio Sync to upload and sync the content between you and ModelCentro quickly and efficiently, please proceed to and download the appropriate version for your system.

After the Resilio Sync is downloaded and installed, open the application. You will see the following window. Next, just follow those simple steps to set up the sync:


1. Organize the content you want to upload to ModelCentro in a single folder. 

You would need to create several sub-folders inside the main folder - 'video' folder for your video content and 'photo' folder for your photo sets. 

Please note, that each photo set should be in a different sub-folder.

Here is an example of the sync folder structure:

/SyncFolder/video//SyncFolder/video/file1.mp4/SyncFolder/video/file2.mp4.../SyncFolder/photo/photoSet1/file1.jpg/SyncFolder/photo/photoSet1/file2.jpg.../SyncFolder/photo/someSet2/file1.jpg/SyncFolder/photo/someSet2/file2.jpg... etc.

After you have prepared the folder you want to sync, simply add it using the 'Add folder' button

2. After that, you will be able to find a "Read only" or "Read and write" key. Please, click on icon "More" and copy the key:

All that is left is to provide this code to one of our managers along with your stage name or the email address you have used for registering on ModelCentro, so that we can easily identify you and start the sync.

3. After the sync is over and we have the content on our servers, we will add it to your admin’s Incomplete section on videos or photos depending on content type. All you will need to do is fill in the video and photoset details  (description, tags, etc.) in the ModelCentro Admin panel and then publish or schedule the content for publication.

It is important to remember that you would need to leave the device on (and connected to the Internet) for the sync to commence and progress till it is finished.

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