Step 1 - Upload video

1. Sign in to the ModelCentro website.2. Click on Videos in the main menu

3. Click green Add New Video button

or hover your mouse over the Videos menu item and click on the appeared green + symbol 

4. Click the Select video file from your computer button.

5. Select the video file from your computer.

6. Wait until the video upload is complete. Do not close the browser or this specific tab until the video is uploaded and the status changes to Processing

Step 2. Fill in the metadata

1. Fill in the Title and Description fields, select the appropriate grading and niches

2. Here is an example:

Step 3 Publish or schedule for publication

Regardless of whether the video was uploaded from your computer or recorded from a webcam, the following requirements must be met for publishing:

• Title given
• Video cover selected
• 8 thumbnails selected
• At least one video format must be generated: 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Formats will be generated if the video quality corresponds to the format.
For instance, if you upload a video in the 480p format, 2 formats will be available: 480p and 240p.

Once these requirements are met, the "Publish now" and "Schedule" buttons will become active.

Publish Now

1. Click 'Publish Now'

2. Wait until the publication is completed (which usually takes several seconds to several minutes)

3. The video is published

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