The purpose of this guide is to show you how to add parts of your videos to your website’s Free Hosted Galleries promo tools.

Videos are a great promotion tool for affiliates and therefore it’s a very good idea to add these to your FHGs. Now you can add from 1 to 5 videos to the 15 items required to make an FHG for your website’s promotion.

To start, go to “Promotion” in the top menu and then “Free Hosted Galleries” in the left menu.

Once the FHG organizer opens, hit the “Videos” tab. Then choose a video that you’d like to include and don’t forget to edit the Title to be displayed on the FHG Page on top of this page. Then, hit “Add Selected”.

Note: you can choose up to 5 videos to add!

For the purpose of this guide, I’ve chosen 3 videos and so will flip to Photosets and choose 12 images to go with the video. Important: you need 15 items to make an FHG.
You can drag the box wider to see all the content you’ve chosen in the FHG (see point 3 on next image).
When done, hit the pencil icon under the video.

This page will let you cut a portion of your video that you want displayed on the FHG. You can watch the video and cut it at any second, to any duration.

By default, the video preview (first 45 seconds) will be displayed on the FHG. But you can cut each video the way you see fit.

When done, click “Save and exit organizer”

Then fill in the meta data and hit “Apply”. You will be able to see your FHG as soon as publication is complete.

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