In an effort to continually improve our services and help our models earn more, subdomains were created as a temporary placeholder for a permanent domain name and were not intended to be used as a permanent option, in other words to test everything before launching their site.

Because of this, we're asking our ModelCentro Models to create/purchase a new, custom domain.

There are many advantages to a custom domain, including better site performance and greater profit overall. Additionally...

  • Your website’s SEO will see better results.
  • A custom domain name is a more professional option.
  • You can make additional money by partnering with affiliates.
  • It will simplify your social posts.
  • A custom name allows you to take ownership of your brand. Claim your domain before someone else does.

We want to make this transition as simple and stress-free as possible. Here are two options for replacing your ModelCentro subdomain:

  1. Get your own domain in the website's Settings by choosing “Register a new domain”. You can then choose a free domain for 1 year, or the prepaid option. Here is the guide for you. 

   2.  Register a new domain elsewhere and direct it through your admin panel using             this helpful guide.

The domain in such zones .com, .net, .info, .org is free for you during the 1st year (and the privacy is included by default).
After the 1 year you will be notified and asked if you want to prolong the domain.
Then you will be able to decide:

  • if you want to keep the domain, you may prolong it and pay $10-$15 (plus $3 for the privacy);
  • if you don't want to use the domain, its renewal will be canceled;
  • if you earn more than $400 for the first 6 months, the domain will be prolonged for free;
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