In order to help you spend less time and effort generating social media traffic, we have expanded our awesome Social Sharing feature.
Now you have the ability to automatically inform your social media fans about new subscriptions, tips, or rebills happening on your website. This is also a great way to remind your fans about your fansite and motivate them to subscribe. Don’t be afraid that your Twitter feed will be crowded with the identical posts – we've come up with 30 different texts for each event and you will also have the ability to create your own unique posts.
To check out the awesome new Social Sharing interface, enable sharing on the events you want to share with your fans (all events are disabled by default). Go to:

1.        ‘Settings’ tab in your MC admin
2.        Click on ‘Social Sharing'
3.        Choose when and where you want our system to post the news.

4.        You may also change the message text by clicking on “Edit default message” button:

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