A Studio account is a managing tool for all accounts run by a studio.

Your dashboard shows all the profiles, and you can login to these accounts in order to guide a model or make necessary changes. 

Once you have 3+ accounts in your studio admin, the tariff upgrades to 80/20 (our share becomes 20% instead of 25%), and you are able to decide where Models' payments go and how they are handled.

Once added to the studio, all the money a model makes is credited to the studio's balance (the studio has its own balance with payment information and payout history; slightly different from the profile history, as it also contains each profile income breakdown).

If you have 3+ accounts in your studio, you can decide whether the Influencer is paid by your studio (money continues to go to studio balance) or if she/he is paid by ModelCentro with the studio taking a commission (the % amount is chosen by you).

Please be advised that you will need to upload the Model’s docs in order to launch the website for each Model.

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