Making money on your site:


Traffic for your website:


Promotion on forums and index sites (LINKS):


ModelsXXX promotion:



Creation of the affiliate program:

In order to activate your affiliate program, please go to:

"Settings" -> "My affiliate program" -> "Affiliate interface" - Please change to "Enabled"


In order to create  your affiliate program, please go to:

"Promotion" -> "Affiliate programs" -> "Activate Affiliate Program"

"Promotional offers" feature activation ( and MC Profits):

“Promotion" - “Promotional offers”  - “ promotion” or "MC Profits" - "Details and setup”

Promotion via social networks:

You can notify your fans in social networks about your site updates by setting auto-publications to your social accounts.

In order to make that, please go to “Settings”-> “Social sharing”  -> choose Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr -> press “set up events “-> choose twitter sharing settings and choose "include content cover in the message".

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